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Word Book

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Word Book A - 1

a or an [(1) one; (2) any; (3) each] 

Would you give me a sheet of paper? (1)

A triangle has three sides. (2)

He comes to see his grandmother once a week. (3)

able [having the power to do something]  

Are you able to speak English?

about[(1) almost; (2) of or having a relation to]  

He completed about half of his work. (1)

We talk about the weather. (2)

above[at a higher place]  

His head was above the water.

accept [to agree to receive]  

Please accept my thanks.

accident  [(1) something that happens by chance or mistake; (2) an unplanned event]  

She was injured in the accident. (1)

We met again by accident after seventeen years had passed. (2)

accuse [(1) to say a person is responsible for an act or crime; (2) to make a statement against someone]  

Her friend accused her of breaking his heart. (1)

The lawyer accused the suspect of lying. (2)

across [(1) from side to side; (2) to the other side]  

The box was ten centimeters across. (1)

The dog ran across the road. (2)

act[to do something]  

He acted immediately to stop the fight.

activist [one who seeks change through action]  

The activist worked hard to change the law.

actor [someone acting in a play or show]  

That actor frightened me.

add [(1) to put (something) with another to make it larger; (2) to say more]  

Please add my name to the list. (1)

She told him to leave, but added that she would like to see him again. (2)

administration [the executive part of a government, usually headed by a president or prime minister]  

The new administration starts work in January.

admit [(1) to accept; (2) to express one's guilt or responsibility]  

When was the country admitted to the United Nations? (1)

He admitted that what he did was wrong. (2)

adult [a grown person]  

Only an adult can sign the document.

advise [to help with information, knowledge or ideas in making a decision]  

Did you advise him to leave?

affect [(1)to influence(2)to produce an effect on]  

A lack of sleep affected the singer's performance. (1)

Mr. Nutley's belief in my talent greatly affected my life. (2)

afraid [feeling fear]  

I am afraid of guns.

after [(1)later; (2)behind]  

She arrived after the lesson started. (1)

In the alphabet, B is after A. (2)

again [(1) another time; (2) as before]  

Sam played the song again. (1)

I found my book in the same place again. (2)

Word Book

A - 1 | A - 2 | A - 3 | A - 4 | A - 5

Word Book A - 1

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