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Word Book A - 2

against [(1) opposed to; (2) not agreeing with something]  

They marched against the war. (1)

He agreed to most of the plan, but was against starting it now. (2)

age [how old a person or thing is]  

The legal age for voting is eighteen.

agency [an organization that is part of a larger group]  

UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations.

aggression [(1) an attack against a person or country; (2) the violation of a country's borders]  

The surprise attack was an act of aggression. (1)

The country committed aggression when it crossed the border of the other country. (2)

ago [(1) of time past; (2) before now]  

He was my friend long ago. (1)

I saw her two years ago. (2)

agree [(1) to have the same belief as someone; (2) to be willing to do something]  

We agree about politics. (1)

Both sides agree to meet again next week. (2)

agriculture [farming]  

John studied agriculture because he wanted to be a farmer.

aid [(1) to help; (2) to support; (3) help, assistance]  

He offered to aid the victims of the fire. (1)

Did you give money to aid the Democratic or the Republican candidate? (2)

Congress voted to provide aid to the flood victims. (3)

aim [(1) to point a gun at; (2) a goal or purpose]  

You cannot hit the target if you do not aim the gun. (1)

The aim of the reformers is to improve government. (2)

air [the mixture of gases around the earth, mostly nitrogen and oxygen, that we breathe]  

The air is clean in the mountains.

air force [a military organization using airplanes]  

The air force wants more airplanes and missiles.

airplane [a vehicle with wings that flies]  

I flew home on an airplane.

airport [a place where airplanes take off and land]  

The airplane landed at the airport in Washington.

album [a collection of recorded music]  

He recorded the song from an old record album.

alcohol [a strong, colorless liquid, usually made from grain, used as a drug or in industrial products]  

The man fell because he drank too much alcohol.

alive [(1) having life; (2) not dead]  

The flowers become alive in the spring. (1)

The accident victim was seriously injured but is still alive. (2)

all [(1) everything; (2) everyone; (3) the complete amount]  

She ate all that she wanted. (1)

All were invited to speak on the proposal. (2)

She spent all her money for a new car. (3)

ally [a nation or person joined with another for a special purpose]  

Britain is a military ally of the United States.

almost [a little less than completely]  

My dog is almost five years old.

alone [separated from others]  

Some people enjoy eating alone.

Word Book

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Word Book A - 2

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