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Word Book A - 3

already [(1) before now; (2) even now]  

She was already there when we arrived. (1)

It is already too late to take the train. (2)

also [(1) added to; (2) too]  

Please bring me the fish dinner and coffee, and also some water. (1)

She said she also wanted to go home. (2)

although [even if it is true that]  

Although he was tired, he kept walking.

always [(1) at all times; (2) every time]  

This street is always busy. (1)

We always study together. (2)

ambassador [a nation's highest diplomatic representative (to another government)]  

Foreign ambassadors live in the capital city.

amend [to add to or to change (a proposal or law)]  

The committee refused to amend its proposal.

ammunition [the bullets or shells fired from guns]  

They could not fight without ammunition.

among [in or part of (a group)]  

She was among the students who left the school.

amount [the number, size or weight of anything]  

The doctor gave him only a small amount of medicine.

anarchy [(1) a lack of order; (2) lawlessness]  

The peaceful protests blocked the streets and produced anarchy. (1)

Anarchy resulted when the city could not stop the riots. (2)

ancestor [a family member from the past]  

My ancestors came from Switzerland in 1742.

ancient [(1) very old; (2) long ago]  

Scientists discovered the ancient knife in a cave. (1)

They read the Iliad while studying ancient Greece. (2)


and [(1) also; (2) in addition to; (3) with]  

My dog likes to run and jump. (1)

Five and three equal eight. (2)

Do you like rice and black beans? (3)

anger [a strong emotion against someone or something]  

The protester's voice was full of anger.

animal [a living creature that moves, such as a dog or cat]  

The kangaroo is a strange animal.

anniversary [a yearly celebration or observance of an event that happened in the past]  

When is your wedding anniversary?

announce [(1) to make known publicly; (2) to declare officially]  

Who announced the VOA news last night? (1)

The president announced a tax cut. (2)

another [(1) one more;2a different one]  

May I have another kiss? (1)

Let's do this another way. (2)

answer [(1) a statement produced by a question; (2) to make a statement after being asked a question]  

That was my final answer. (1)

She answered the question with a smile. (2)

Word Book

A - 1 | A - 2 | A - 3 | A - 4 | A - 5

Word Book A - 3

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