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Word Book A - 5

astronomy [the scientific study of stars and the universe]  

I study astronomy because I like to look at stars.

asylum [political protection given by a government to a person from another country]  

The refugee asked for political asylum.

at [(1) in or near; (2) where; (3) when]  

She saw the bear at the edge of the forest. (1)

Look at the bear. (2)

We must go home at noon. (3)

atmosphere [the gases surrounding any star or planet]  

The atmosphere of Venus is mostly water and carbon dioxide.

attach [(1) to tie together; (2) to connect]  

Please attach this name card to your coat. (1)

He attached himself to our group. (2)

attack [(1) a violent attempt to damage, injure or kill; (2) to start a fight] 

The war started with a rebel attack on government troops at Charleston, South Carolina. (1)

Several men attacked him on the street. (2)

attempt [(1) to work toward something; (2) to try; (3) to make an effort] 

He attempted to change his life one step at a time. (1)

Do not attempt to drive through the flood waters. (2)

You will never write your book if you do not attempt it. (3)

attend [to be present at]  

The president will attend the meeting.

automobile [(1) a vehicle with wheels used to carry people; (2) a car] 

Is a bus an automobile? (1)

Who invented the automobile? (2)

autumn [the time of the year between summer and winter]  

The trees of autumn are bright red and yellow.

average [(1) something (a number) representing the middle; (2) common; (3) normal]  

The average of daily high temperatures in Washington in January is zero degrees, Celsius. (1)

The average amount spent for lunch was two dollars. (2)

John is an average student. (3)

avoid [to stay away from]  

Avoid meat and milk products to prevent a heart attack.

awake [not sleeping]  

The storm kept everyone awake for hours.

award [an honor or prize for an act or service]  

Last night, we saw the movie that won the best picture award.

away [not near]  

The old man came from far away, but his home is here now.

Word Book

A - 1 | A - 2 | A - 3 | A - 4 | A - 5

Word Book A - 5

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