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Word Book

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Word Book B - 1

baby [a newly born creature]  

Mary had a baby last night.

back [(1) the part behind the front; (2) the other way from forward] 

The writer's picture is on the back of the book. (1)

She stopped walking away and looked back at me. (2)

bad [(1) wrong; (2) acting against the law; (3) not good]  

Bill made a bad decision. (1)

The prisoner was a bad man for most of his life. (2)

The water was dirty and had a bad taste. (3)

balance [to make two sides or forces equal]  

I balanced my budget by not spending more than I earned.

ball [something round]  

The earth is shaped like a ball.

balloon [a device of strong, light material that rises when filled with gas lighter than air]  

Many hot air balloons race in New Mexico each year.

ballot [a piece of paper used for voting]  

I was asked to count the ballots and announce the winner.

ban [(1) to not permit; (2) to stop; (3) an official restriction]  

Running is banned at our swimming pool. (1)

The curfew bans all night time travel. (2)

The protestors called for a ban on smoking in public buildings. (3)

bank [an organization that keeps and lends money]  

The man said he robbed banks because that is where the money is.

bar [to prevent or block]  

He was barred from competing in the games because he used illegal drugs.

barrier [anything that blocks or makes an action difficult]  

The voting rights law removes most racial barriers to voting.

base [(1) a military center; (2) to establish as a fact]  

My brother is at a military training base. (1)

Her research was based on experiments. (2)

battle [a fight between opposing armed forces]  

Southern forces won the battle but lost the war.

be [(1) to live; (2) to happen; (3) to exist]  

The man is very sick and will not be here much longer. (1)

The wedding will be soon. (2)

Washington, D.C., has been the capital for 200 years. (3)

beat [to hit again and again]  

The prison guards denied they beat the prisoner. 

beauty [that which pleases the eye, ear or spirit]  

All fell silent at the beauty of the mountains.

because [for the reason that]  

He left because he was sick.

become [to come to be]  

When did he become sick?

bed [a sleeping place]  

The bed was so hard that I could not sleep.

before [earlier]  

Bill ate before he went to work.

Word Book

B - 1 | B - 2 | B - 3 | B - 4

Word Book B - 1

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