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Word Book

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Word Book B - 3

block [(1) to stop something from being done; (2) to prevent movement] 

He blocked any attempt to become friends. (1)

A truck accident blocked the road for an hour. (2)

blood [red fluid in the body]  

A blood test is usually part of a yearly medical examination.

blow [to move with force, as in air]  

The wind blows the autumn leaves.

blue [having the color like that of a clear sky]  

My son has blue eyes.

boat [something built to travel on water that carries people or goods] 

I like to fish from a boat.

body [(1) all of a person or animal; (2) the remains of a person or animal] 

Exercise can improve anyone's body. (1)

Police found five bodies buried beneath the house. (2)

boil [to heat a liquid until it becomes very hot]  

Boil one cup of water, add frozen vegetables and cook for five minutes.

bomb [(1) a device that explodes with great force; (2) to attack or destroy with bombs]  

The bomb exploded outside the building. (1)

The warplanes bombed enemy missile launchers. (2)

bone [the hard material in the body]  

The girl broke a bone in her wrist when she fell.

book [a long written work for reading]  

The professor has written six books about East Asia.

border [a dividing line between nations]  

Many new factories have been built across the border in Mexico.

(be) born [(1) to come to life; (2) to come into existence]  

When were you born? (1)

The American Revolution was born in Massachusetts. (2)

borrow [to take as a loan]  

The bank refused to let me borrow any more money.

both [not just one of two, but the two together]  

Both of us were educated at the University of Virginia.

bottle [a container, usually made of glass, to hold liquid]  

He drank the last bottle of water.

bottom [the lowest part of something]  

The damaged submarine is still at the bottom of the ocean.

box [something to put things into]  

Put the old books in that box.  

boy [a young male person]  

The boys played together after school.

boycott [to refuse to take part in or deal with]  

The farm workers union called for a boycott of vegetables picked by foreign workers.

brain [the control center of thought, emotions and body activity of all creatures]  

Scientists continue to discover new information about the chemistry of the brain.

Word Book

B - 1 | B - 2 | B - 3 | B - 4

Word Book B - 3

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