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Word Book C - 3

choose [to decide between two or more]  

You may choose one meat and three vegetables from the lunch list.

circle [a closed shape that has all its points equally distant from the center, like an O]  

The settlers put their wagons in a circle to defend against the attack.

citizen [a person who is a member of a country by birth or by law] 

Every citizen is expected to vote.

city [any important large town]  

I lived in a small town as a child, but now I live in a city.

civilian [not military]  

Many civilians were killed in the attack on the town.

civil rights [the political, economic and social rights given equally to all people of a nation]  

The law protects the civil rights of all citizens.

claim [to say something as a fact]  

He claimed that his opponent lied about his activities as a student leader.

clash [(1) a battle; (2) to fight or oppose]  

Ten protesters were injured in the clash with police. (1)

Angry farmers blocked roads and clashed with soldiers. (2)

clean [(1) to make pure; (2) free from dirt or harmful substances]  

Please clean your room. (1)

Too many people around the world do not have clean water to drink. (2)

clear [(1) easy to see or see through; (2) easily understood]  

Clear water is not always safe to drink. (1)

He won the debate because his arguments were clear to almost everyone. (2)

clergy [a body of officials within a religious organization]  

Many in the clergy supported the reforms proposed by the rebels.

climate [the normal weather conditions of a place]  

Many retired people like to spend the winter in the warm climate of Florida.

climb [to go up or down something by using the feet and sometimes the hands]  

The firemen climbed ladders to rescue people living above the ground floor.

clock [a device that measures and shows time]  

I was late for work because my clock stopped.

close [(1) to make something not open; (2) near to]  

Please close the window before you come to bed. (1)

Stay close to me in this big crowd. (2)

cloth [a material made from plants, chemicals, animal hair and other substances]  

I feel cooler in summer when I wear shirts made of cotton cloth.

clothes [what people wear]  

Be sure to bring enough clothes for two weeks.

cloud [a mass of fog high in the sky]  

Clouds like those usually mean rain will come soon.

coal [a solid black substance used as fuel]  

Much of our electricity is produced by plants that burn coal as fuel.

coalition [forces, groups or nations joined together]  

The country is led by a coalition government of three parties.

Word Book

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Word Book C - 3

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