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Word Book C - 5

compromise [the settlement of an argument where each side agrees to accept less than first demanded]  

Compromise may not be possible in that dispute.

computer [an electronic machine for storing and organizing information, and for communicating with others]  

Computers are a necessary tool for managing a business.

concern [(1) interest, worry; (2) to fear]  

The president expressed concern about the continuing violence. (1)

He said he is especially concerned that the fighting will spread to other countries. (2)

condemn [to say a person or action is wrong or bad]  

The senators condemned the man for refusing to answer their questions.

condition [(1) something declared necessary to complete an agreement; (2) a person's health]  

The conditions for his resignation included a ten million dollar payment. (1)

The doctor said the examination showed that Gary was in excellent condition. (2)

conference [a meeting]  

I seemed to spend my days going from one conference to another.

confirm [(1) to approve; (2) to say that something is true]  

The senate confirmed the appointment of the new Agriculture Secretary. (1)

The candidate confirmed the report that he was ending his campaign. (2)

conflict [(1) a fight; (2) a battle, especially a long one]  

We had a conflict about politics. (1)

The long conflict finally ended with a ceasefire, not a peace treaty. (2)

congratulate [to praise a person or to express pleasure for success or good luck]  

I congratulate you for getting the highest score on the history test.

Congress [(1) the organization of people elected to make the laws of the United States (the House of Representatives and the Senate); (2) a similar organization in other countries]  

The President's party did not win control of either house of Congress. (1)

Five members of Mexico's Congress are in Washington to discuss trade issues. (2)

connect [(1) to join one thing to another; (2) to unite; (3) to link]  

If you connect this wire to the red one, the green light will turn on. (1)

The two streams connect to form a river that flows through Greenlow City. (2)

The policeman said the two crimes are connected. (3)

conservative [one who usually supports tradition and opposes great change]  

William is a conservative about social issues.

consider [(1) to give thought to; (2) to think about carefully]  

Jack is considering what to give Amy for her birthday. (1)

The head of my office said he would consider my ideas for a more effective sales campaign. (2)

constitution [the written general laws and ideas that form a nation's system of government]  

How do the laws provide for making changes in the constitution?

contain [(1) to hold; (2) to include]  

The bottle contains one quart of milk. (1)

one liquid quart = 0.9463 liter

The paint in that old house contains a dangerous amount of lead. (2)

container [a box, bottle or can used to hold something]  

More juice is sold in plastic containers than in glass bottles.

continent [any of the seven great land areas of the world]  

Did you know that long ago all the continents were joined together?

continue [to go on doing or being]  

The governor said he would continue to fight for justice.

control [(1) to direct; (2) to have power over]  

Who controls the daily work of the company. (1)

The chairman of the transportation committee controls all the spending for transportation projects. (2)

convention [a large meeting for a special purpose]  

Political parties hold conventions to choose presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Word Book

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Word Book C - 5

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