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Word Book C - 6

cook [to heat food before eating it]  

Helen will cook spaghetti with meat sauce tonight.

cool [almost cold]  

My coffee is cool.  Would you warm it for me, please?

cooperate [to act or work together]  

If we cooperate on this work, we will finish more quickly.

copy [(1) to make something exactly like another; (2) something made to look exactly like another]  

Joseph can copy that document for us. (1)

This copy is so bad I cannot read it. (2)

corn [a food grain]  

Scientists are worried because genetically-changed corn got into food supplies for people.

correct [(1) true; (2) free from mistakes; (3) to change to what is right] 

That is the correct date of the election. (1)

That sales agreement is correct. (2)

Did you correct that script? (3)

cost [(1) the price or value of something; (2) to be valued at]  

The cost of the book is five dollars. (1)

The book costs five dollars. (2)

cotton [a material made from a plant of the same name]  

Most clothes are made of cotton.

count [to speak or add numbers]  

Her child learned to count by watching Sesame Street on television.

country [(1) a nation; (2) the territory of a nation; (3) land away from cities]  

English is one of the languages of his country. (1)

Much of the country in the West is desert. (2)

My family had a farmhouse in the country, not too far from the city. (3)

court [(1) where trials take place; (2) where judges make decisions about law]  

We have to give evidence in court today. (1)

The appeals court is considering mistakes made in his trial. (2)

cover [(1) to put something over a person or thing; (2) anything that is put over a person or thing]  

Please cover the food left from dinner. (1)

Put your name on the front cover of your book. (2)

cow [a farm animal used for its milk]  

He must pump the milk from his cows every morning and evening.

crash [(1) to fall violently; (2) to hit with great force]  

The airplane crashed into the mountain. (1)

The two cars crashed into each other. (2)

create [(1)to make; (2) to give life or form to]  

She created a beautiful poem. (1)

The Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. (2)

creature [(1) any living being; (2) any animal or human]  

A microscope can show a great many living creatures in a drop of water. (1)

People are learning how to live peacefully with other creatures. (2)

credit [an agreement that payments will be made at a later time]  

With this card I can use credit to buy things today and pay for them next month.

crew [a group of people working together]  

Ten members of the ship's crew were injured by the explosion.

crime [an act that violates a law]  

Telling a lie to the court is a crime.

criminal [a person who is responsible for a crime]  

The organization tries to find jobs for criminals released from prison.

Word Book

C - 1 | C - 2 | C - 3 | C - 4 | C - 5 | C - 6 | C - 7

Word Book C - 6

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