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Word Book C - 7

criticize [(1) to say what is wrong with something or someone; (2) to condemn; (3) to judge]  

His teacher criticized him for not completing his report. (1)

The judge criticized the man for his evil acts and sentenced him to spend twenty years in prison. (2)

Her editor asked her to criticize a new book about ancient Egypt. (3)

crops [plants that are grown and gathered for food, such as grains, fruits and vegetables]  

The major crops in this area are corn and soybeans.

cross [(1) to go from one side to another; (2) to go across]  

The mother holds her child's hand when they cross the street. (1)

This ship crosses the ocean in five days. (2)

crowd [a large number of people gathered in one place]  

A large crowd gathered to watch the show.

crush [(1) to damage or destroy by great weight; (2)to defeat completely] 

The falling tree crushed the house. (1)

The T.C. Williams High School football team crushed every team it played that year. (2)

cry [to express or show sorrow or pain]  

The thought of never seeing her again made him cry.

culture [all the beliefs, traditions and arts of a group or population]  

Her Western culture and my Eastern culture made our lives exciting.

cure [(1) to improve health; (2) to make well; (3) something that makes a sick person well]  

Living more simply and eating plain food cured most of her health problems. (1)

The doctor can cure the disease. (2)

Antibiotics are a cure for infection. (3)

curfew [an order to people to stay off the streets or to close their businesses]  

The streets were empty every night after the ten o'clock curfew.

current [(1) movement of air, water or electricity; (2) belonging to the present]  

The current slows down in this wide part of the river. (1)

She found the report in a current publication. (2)

custom [a long-established belief or activity of a people]  

It is our custom to go to church on Sunday mornings.

customs [taxes on imports]  

I like to buy items in the custom-free store because there are no taxes to pay on the purchase.

cut [(1) to divide or injure with a sharp tool; (2) to make less; (3) to reduce] 

She cut her finger while using the bread knife. (1)

The labor strike cut the company's production by 60 percent. (2)

Congress cut foreign aid spending. (3)

Word Book

C - 1 | C - 2 | C - 3 | C - 4 | C - 5 | C - 6 | C - 7

Word Book C - 7

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