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Word Book F - 1

face [(1) the front of the head: eyes, nose, month; (2) to look toward; (3) to turn toward; (4) to have before you, such as a problem or danger]  

Put a smile on your face. (1)

He faced the flag. (2)

She faced left, then right. (3)

The nation faced great danger. (4)

fact [something known or proved to be true]  

The facts show that he spoke the truth.

factory [a building or group of buildings where goods are made]  

The shoe factory in our town is moving to Mexico.

fail [(1) to not succeed; (2) to not reach a goal]  

My car failed to start. (1)

The leaders failed to reach a peace agreement. (2)

fair [(1) just; (2) honest; (3) what is right]  

The judge made a fair decision. (1)

He played the game fairly. (2)

It was only fair that she invite him to dinner. (3)

fall [(1) to go down quickly; (2) to come down; (3) to drop to the ground or a lower position]  

The burning airplane fell from the sky. (1)

The ball fell gently into my hands. (2)

The snow melted as it fell. (3)

false [(1)not true; (2) not correct]  

She made a false statement to the police. (1)

The computer gave a false answer. (2)

family [the group that includes children and their parents]  

She has a large family.

famous [known very well to many people]  

He is a famous actor.

far [at, to or from a great distance]  

John's home is far from here.

farm [land used to grow crops and animals for food]  

His family owns a big farm in Kansas.

fast [(1) moving or working at great speed; (2) quick]  

He said he could run as fast as a race horse. (1)

My dog is a fast eater. (2)

fat [(1) tissue in the bodies of humans and animals used to store energy and to keep warm; (2) thick; (3) heavy]  

She stays thin by not eating any fat. (1)

Her dog looks fat, but all pugs look like that. (2)

The professor has published a fat book on world history. (3)

father [(1) the male parent; (2) a man who has a child or children]  

Her father lives with them. (1)

Are you a father? (2)

fear [(1) to be afraid; (2) to worry that something bad is near or may happen; (3) a strong emotion when there is danger or trouble]  

He feared what he could not see. (1)

He feared falling down. (2)

He had a fear that he would fall down. (3)

federal [of or having to do with a national or central government]  

She works for the federal government as a tax collector.

feed [to give food to]  

How many times a day do you feed your dog?

feel [(1) to have or experience an emotion; (2) to know by touching]  

I feel sad because he is so far away. (1)

I feel sand between my toes. (2)

female [(1) a woman or girl; (2) the sex that gives birth; (3) of or about women]  

With a wife and three daughters, he was surrounded by females. (1)

Females have babies. (2)

Universities provide more support now for female sports programs. (3)

fence [something around an area of land to keep animals or people in or out]  

The farmer put up a new fence around the field.

Word Book

F - 1 | F - 2 | F - 3 | F - 4

Word Book F - 1

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