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Word Book

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Word Book G - 1

gain [(1) to get possession of; (2) to get more; (3) to increase]  

For a long time, United States voters did not know which candidate gained the presidency. (1)

He gained more support by speaking on television. (2)

His savings gained 150 dollars in interest. (3)

game [an activity with rules in which people or teams play or compete, usually sports]  

Our school won the baseball game.

gas [(1) any substance that is not solid or liquid; (2) any substance that burns to provide heat, light or power]  

Seventy-eight percent of our atmosphere is nitrogen gas. (1)

Natural gas is used to heat many homes in the United States. (2)

gather [(1) to bring or come together into a group or place; (2) to collect] 

They gather at the church every Sunday. (1)

Please help her gather flowers from the garden. (2)

general [(1) a high military leader; (2) without details; (3) affecting or including all or almost all]  

The general ordered his forces to attack. (1)

The senator made a general statement on the proposal, and promised details later. (2)

He hopes to change general opinion on the issue. (3)

gentle [(1) soft; (2) kind; (3) not rough or violent]  

She has a gentle voice. (1)

He is gentle with children. (2)

I gave him a gentle push toward her. (3)

get [(1) to receive; (2) to gain; (3) to go and bring back; (4) to become; (5) to become the owner of]  

Did you get the letter I sent to you? (1)

She got a new friend. (2)

Please get an apple for me at the food store. (3)

He got sick last night after the party. (4)

She got a new car today. (5)

gift [something given without cost]  

He gave her a gift from Japan.

girl [a young female person]  

Have you met the new girl in our class?

give [to present to another to keep without receiving payment]  

Her husband gave her a diamond ring for her birthday.

glass [a hard, clear material that is easily broken, used most often for windows or for containers to hold liquids]  

The glass broke when it hit the floor.

go [(1) to move from one place to another; (2) to leave]  

We will go home from here. (1)

He said he must go at 10 o'clock. (2)

goal [(1) that toward which an effort is directed; (2) that which is aimed at; (3) the end of a trip or race]  

Our goal is to finish this report today. (1)

We have several goals for the year. (2)

We reached our goal after two days of hard walking. (3)

god [(1) the spirit that is honored as creator of all things; (2) a spirit or being believed in many religions to have special powers]  

They believe in God. (1)

The ancient Greeks believed in many gods. (2)

gold [a highly valued yellow metal]  

He became rich after finding gold.

good [(1) pleasing; (2) helpful; (3) kind; (4) correct; (5) not bad]  

The tea tastes good. (1)

Your good plans helped us complete the project early. (2)

He was a good person who had many friends. (3)

She gave good answers to every question on the examination. (4)

This meat looks good, but it smells bad. (5)

goods [things owned or made to be sold]  

This store sells sporting goods.

govern [(1) to control; (2) to rule by military or political power]  

Special rules govern the election. (1)

The troubled country is governed by a group of military officers. (2)

government [(1) a system of governing; (2) the organization of people that rules a country, city or area]  

America has a democratic government. (1)

The Labor government has survived a political attack by the opposition party. (2)

grain [(1) the seed of grass plants used for food, such as wheat, rice and corn; (2) those plants that produce the seeds]  

I like bread made from several different grains. (1)

The farmer raises two grains, wheat and corn. (2)

Word Book

G - 1 | G - 2

Word Book G - 1

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