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Word Book G - 2

granddaughter [the daughter of a person's daughter or son]  

My granddaughter is three years old today.

grandfather [the father of a person's father or mother]  

He became a grandfather when his granddaughter was born.

grandmother [the mother of a person's father or mother]  

She plans to visit her grandmother.

grandson [the son of a person's daughter or son]  

The old woman had many grandsons.

grass [a plant with long, narrow, green leaves]  

He asked his grandson to cut the grass in his yard.

gray [having the color like that made by mixing black and white]  

Gray clouds filled the sky.

great [(1) very large or more than usual in size or number; (2) very good; (3) important]  

A great many people around the world watched on television as the astronaut stepped onto the moon's surface. (1)

He was a great President. (2)

I like to read about the great heroes of history. (3)

green [(1) having the color like that made by mixing yellow and blue; (2) having the color like that of growing leaves and grass]  

Mixing blue and yellow paint produces green paint. (1)

Rain has made the trees especially green this year. (2)

grind [to reduce to small pieces by crushing]  

Many people grind coffee beans each morning to make coffee.

ground [(1) land; (2) the earth's surface; (3) soil]  

The ground here is very dry. (1)

The airlines plane flew almost nine kilometers above the ground. (2)

In the spring, farmers prepare the ground for planting crops. (3)

group [(1) a number of people or things together; (2) a gathering of people working for a common purpose]  

That group of houses was built last year. (1)

The two groups decided to work together instead of competing with each other. (2)

grow [(1) to develop or become bigger; (2) to increase in size or amount]

That young tree has grown much taller in the past year. (1)

Higher interest rates made his savings grow even more. (2)

guarantee [(1) to promise a result; (2) to promise that something will happen]  

The company guaranteed it would repair or replace the computer if it broke within two years. (1)

The employee guaranteed he would complete the work by the end of the week. (2)

guard [(1) to watch and protect a person, place or thing; (2) a person or thing that watches or protects]  

He guards the president. (1)

He is a prison guard. (2)

guerrilla [a person who fights as part of an unofficial army, usually against an official army or police ]  

Guerrillas attacked a police station in the town and captured guns and ammunition.

guide [(1) to lead to; (2) to show the way; (3) one who shows the way]

He offered to guide us to the top of the mountain. (1)

The driver guided his car through the narrow street. (2)

Our guide spent the day showing us the city. (3)

guilty [(1) having done something wrong or in violation of a law; (2) responsible for a bad action]  

The court found him guilty of stealing a car. (1)

She felt guilty because she did not call her mother. (2)

gun [a weapon that shoots bullets]  

Is it legal to own a gun in your country?

Word Book

G - 1 | G - 2

Word Book G - 2

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