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Word Book

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Word Book H - 1

half [one of two equal parts of something]  

She had some soup and half a sandwich for lunch.

halt [(1) to cause to come to a stop; (2) to stop]  

He halted the group of marching men. (1)

The marching men halted. (2)

hang [(1) to place something so the highest part is supported and the lower part is not; (2) to kill by hanging]  

Please hang your coat next to the door. (1)

The court ordered the killer to die by hanging. (2)

happen [(1) to become a fact or event; (2) to take place]  

The accident happened over there. (1)

He saw it happen. (2)

happy [(1) pleased; (2) satisfied; (3) feeling good; (4) not sad]  

She was happy that he called. (1)

He was happy with the solution to the problem. (2)

His dog seemed happy to be outside. (3)

She looked happy for the first time since the accident. (4)

hard [(1) not easily cut or broken; (2) solid; (3) difficult to do or understand; (4) needing much effort or force]  

A diamond is very hard. (1)

That hard door is made of oak wood. (2)

Legal papers written by a lawyer usually are hard to understand. (3)

Digging a well is hard work. (4)

harm [(1) to injure; (2) to damage; (3) damage; (4) hurt]  

The dog did not harm me. (1)

Do not harm my son's good name. (2)

What harm did he do by speaking to me? (3)

The labor strike caused much harm to the business. (4)

harvest [(1) to gather crops; (2) the crop after it is gathered]  

Farmers harvest their crops in autumn. (1)

The grain harvest was the largest in years. (2)

hat [a head cover]  

You hair looks like you just took off your hat.

hate [(1) to have strong emotions against; (2) to consider as an enemy; (3) opposite love]  

He hated to make mistakes. (1)

The woman hated her former husband. (2)

He said he did not hate her, but he also said he did not love her either. (3)

have [(1) to possess; (2) to own; (3) to hold]  

I have only three dollars left. (1)

He had that car for a long time. (2)

I had the ball in my hand, and I dropped it. (3)

he [the boy or man who is being spoken about]  

He is my father.

head [(1) to lead; (2) to command; (3) leader; (4) chief; (5) the top part of something; (6) the highest position]  

He heads the new office. (1)

The general heads allied military forces in Europe. (2)

That man is head of Jimmy's Boy Scout group. (3)

She is the head lawyer on this case. (4)

The stream begins flowing at the head of this valley. (5)

That old man was head of his country many years ago. (6)

headquarters [(1) the center from which orders are given; (2) the main offices of a business or organization]  

The headquarters for United States naval forces in the Atlantic area is at Norfolk, Virginia. (1)

The headquarters of our company is near Seattle. (2)

heal [(1) to return to good health; (2) to cure; (3) to become well]  

The medical center treats many sick people and heals some of them. (1)

A bone marrow transplant healed his cancer. (2)

He is completely healed. (3)

health [(1) the general condition of the body and mind; (2) the condition of being free from sickness or disease]  

Health is a major concern in many countries. (1)

The woman says she is in good health now. (2)

hear [(1) to receive sound through the ears; (2) to receive news about]

Can you hear me if I talk softly? (1)

I heard that you have a new job. (2)

heat [(1) to make hot or warm; (2) great warmth; (3) that which is produced by burning fuel; (4) energy from the sun]  

She is heating some water for tea. (1)

He became sick because of the desert heat. (2)

Can you feel the heat from the fire? (3)

They use the sun's heat to help warm their home. (4)

heavy [(1) having much weight; (2) not easy to lift; (3) of great amount or force]  

The doctor told him he is too heavy. (1)

She needed help to lift the heavy box. (2)

Heavy voting was reported in many parts of the country. (3)

Word Book

H - 1 | H - 2 | H - 3

Word Book H - 1

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