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Word Book

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Word Book I - 1

[the person speaking]  

I am glad to meet you.

ice [frozen water]  

Would you like more ice in your drink?

idea [(1) a thought or picture in the mind; (2) a belief]  

He liked your ideas for the party. (1)

His ideas about religion are very strange. (2)

identify [to recognize someone or something and to say who or what they are]  

Can you identify the man you saw with the victim?

if [(1) on condition; (2) provided that]  

I will go only if you go. (1)

I will go if you go. (2)

illegal [(1) not legal; (2) in violation of a law]  

His friend was an illegal visitor to this country. (1)

The judge said throwing waste paper from the car was an illegal act. (2)

imagine [(1) to make a picture in the mind; (2) to form an idea]  

I can imagine how pleased she was with the gift. (1)

She said she could imagine several ways to correct the problem. (2)

immediate [(1) without delay; (2) very near in time or place]  

The emergency required immediate action. (1)

The officer ordered his men to search the immediate area. (2)

import [(1) to bring from another country; (2) something brought from another country, usually for sale]  

This candy was imported from Germany. (1)

The report said imports were increasing but exports were lower. (2)

important [having great meaning, value or power]  

She is an important member of Congress.

improve [(1) to make better; (2) to become better]  

He improved the company's earnings. (1)

The company's earnings improved. (2)

in [(1) inside; (2) held by; (3) contained by; (4) surrounded by; (5) during]

The food is in the ice box. (1)

What do you have in your hand? (2)

The good wine is in that bottle. (3)

Did you get wet in the storm? (4)

He heard the child crying in the night. (5)

incident [an event or something that happens]  

The incident did not affect her performance.

incite [to urge or cause an action or emotion, usually something bad or violent]  

The speaker incited the riot.

include  [(1) to have; (2) to make a part of]  

That price includes sales tax. (1)

Please include Mary on the list of speakers. (2)

increase [to make more in size or amount]  

The runner increased his speed near the finish line.

independent [(1) not influenced by or controlled by another or others; (2) free; (3) separate]  

An independent investigator found no evidence of wrongdoing. (1)

He was an independent thinker. (2)

The 13 American colonies declared that they were independent from Britain. (3)

individual [one person]  

He wrote about protecting the legal rights of the individual.

industry [(1) any business that produces goods or provides services; (2) the work and related activity in factories and offices; (3) all organizations involved in manufacturing]  

She works in the travel industry. (1)

Industry began slowing down in the final months of 2000. (2)

He believes the labor unions and industry will reach early agreement on their differences. (3)

infect [to make sick with something that causes disease]  

A biological weapon could infect millions of people with a deadly disease.

Word Book

I - 1 | I - 2 | I - 3

Word Book I - 1

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