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Word Book

J - 1

Word Book J - 1

jail [a prison for those waiting to be tried for a crime or for those serving sentences for crimes that are not serious]  

He was sentenced to ten days in jail.

jewel [a valuable stone, such as a diamond or emerald]  

She keeps her valuable jewels at the bank.

job [the work that one does to earn money]  

Jean has a new job at an Internet company.

join [(1) to put together or come together; (2) to become part of or a member of]  

I can join the two broken parts together. (1)

We invited her to join our study group. (2)

joint [shared by two or more]  

We made a joint agreement not to meet next week.

joke [something done or said to cause others to laugh]  

Have you heard any new jokes?

judge [(1) to form an opinion about; (2) to decide a question, especially a legal one ; (3) a public official who decides problems of law in a court]  

I helped judge the writing ability of each person in the competition. (1)

The jury judged the two men guilty of all charges. (2)

The judge in traffic court hears many cases every day. (3)

jump [to push down on the feet and move up quickly into the air]  

How high can you jump?

jury [a group of people chosen to decide what is true in a trial]  

The jury found him guilty.

just [(1) only; (2) very shortly before or after the present; (3) at the same time; (4) what is right or fair]  

Help me for just a minute. (1)

He just left. (2)

He left just as I came in. (3)

The law is just, in my opinion. (4)

Word Book

J - 1

Word Book J - 1

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