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Word Book L - 1

labor [(1) work; (2) workers as a group]  

Building a house is hard labor. (1)

Organized labor is a major force in American politics. (2)

laboratory [a room or place where experiments in science are done]

The medical students spent much of their time in the laboratory.

lack [(1) to be without; (2) the condition of needing, wanting or not having] 

The farmhouse lacked heat and electricity. (1)

The lack of rain caused the crops to fail. (2)

lake [a large area of fresh water surrounded by land]  

She swam across the lake.

land [(1) to come to the earth from the air; (2) the part of the earth not covered by water; (3) the ground]  

Airplanes land at airports. (1)

Only 25 percent of the earth's surface is land. (2)

He bought this land ten years ago. (3)

language [(1) words and their use; (2) what people speak in a country, nation or group]  

She was interested in how new words come into the language. (1)

How many languages do you speak? (2)

large [(1) big; (2) being of more than usual size, amount or number; (3) opposite small]  

How large is your house? (1)

He had a large voice for such a small man. (2)

She was a large woman. (3)

last [(1) to continue; (2) after all others; (3) the only one remaining]  

The talks will last three days. (1)

He was the last person to arrive. (2)

She is the last person in line. (3)

late [(1) after the correct time; (2) near the end; (3) opposite early]  

He arrived an hour late for work. (1)

The doctor said she would have her baby late in the year. (2)

Do you like to eat early or late? (3)

laugh [to make sounds to express pleasure or happy feelings]  

I always laugh at her funny stories.

launch [(1) to put into operation; (2) to begin; (3) to send into the air or space]  

The terrorists launched an attack in the middle of the night. (1)

She said she soon will launch her campaign for mayor. (2)

The United States launched an Apollo spacecraft on a flight to the moon. (3)

law [all or any rules made by a government]  

The mayor urged city officials to pass the new law.

lead [(1) to show the way; (2) to command; (3) to control; (4) to go first]

I could not find the store until he led me to it. (1)

General Wilcox will lead the special anti-terrorist force. (2)

He leads our music department. (3)

She followed as he led the way. (4)

leak [to come out of or to escape through a small opening or hole (usually a gas or liquid)]  

Oil leaked from the broken pipe.

learn [(1) to get knowledge about; (2) to come to know a fact or facts]

He learned calculus in high school. (1)

She wondered how he learned where she lived. (2)

leave [(1) to go away from; (2) to let something stay where it is]  

His son will leave home next year for college. (1)

Please leave me alone. (2)

left [(1) on the side that is toward the west when one is facing north; (2) opposite right]  

Do you write with your left hand? (1)

I am lost because I turned left instead of right. (2)

legal [of or in agreement with the law]  

He said his lawyer gave him good legal advice.

legislature [a government lawmaking group]  

The legislature makes laws.

lend [(1) to permit someone to use a thing temporarily; (2) to make a loan of money]  

Joe said he will lend me his car tomorrow. (1)

None of his friends would lend him any money. (2)

Word Book

L - 1 | L - 2 | L - 3

Word Book L - 1

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