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Word Book

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Word Book M - 1

magazine [a publication of news, stories, pictures or other information]

He likes to read computer magazines.

mail [letters, papers and other things sent through an official system, such as a post office]  

E-mail is so much faster than sending mail through the post office.

main [the most important or largest]  

Her main interest now is raising her children.

major [great in size, importance or amount]  

Corn and wheat are major crops in the United States.

majority [(1) the greater number; (2) more than half]  

The President's party won a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. (1)

A bill passes only if a majority of the members approve. (2)

make [(1) to produce; (2) to create; (3) to build; (4) to do something or to carry out an action; (5) to cause to be or to become]  

Many products sold in America are made in China. (1)

She makes beautiful hats. (2)

The same company makes many of the houses here. (3)

They make each other happy. (4)

The movie producer made her a star. (5)

male [(1) a man or boy; (2) the sex that is the father of children; (3) of or about men]  

Police described him as a male in his early twenties. (1)

Males are in the minority in the United States. (2)

That store sells only male clothes. (3)

man [an adult male human]  

That man is my father.

manufacture [to make goods in large amounts]  

His company manufactures sewing machines.

many [a large number or amount of]  

I have eaten here many times.

map [a picture of the earth's surface or a part of it]  

Do you have a map of the city?

march [(1) to walk in a group like soldiers; (2) to walk together in a large group to protest about something]  

The Marines spent many hours learning to march. (1)

The protesters marched to the White House. (2)

mark [to make a sign or cut on something]  

The price is marked on the box.

market [(1) a place or area where goods are sold, bought or traded; (2) an economic system in which the prices of things are decided by how many there are and how much money people are willing to pay for them]  

She sells her vegetables at the farmers' market. (1)

The President spoke about the successful growth of market economies around the world. (2)

marry [(1) to join a man and woman together as husband and wife; (2) to become husband and wife (usually in a religious or civil ceremony)]  

The priest married the man and woman. (1)

Jim married Sue last Sunday. (2)

mass [an amount of matter having no special form and usually of a large size]  

The gravity force of a space object depends on its mass.

mate [to bring together a male and a female to create another creature]

Their dogs mated last week so they should have puppies soon.

material [(1) the substance, substances or matter of which something is made or from which something can be made, such as wood, cloth or stone; (2) anything that can be made into something else]  

Which materials are used to build houses in your country? (1)

Scientists are using genetic material to create plants and animals different from those in nature. (2)

mathematics [the science dealing with amounts, sizes and shapes, as explained by numbers and signs]  

Their mathematics test had questions on algebra and geometry.

Word Book

M - 1 | M - 2 | M - 3 | M - 4

Word Book M - 1

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