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Word Book N - 1

name [(1) to appoint; (2) to nominate; (3) to give a name to; (4) a word by which a person, animal or thing is known or called]  

The Governor named him to be a justice on the state Supreme Court. (1)

She said the President will name her to be an ambassador. (2)

We named our son John, after his grandfather. (3)

Her dog's name is Elmo. (4)

narrow [(1) limited in size or amount; (2) not wide; (3) having a short distance from one side to the other]  

The Democrats passed the bill by a narrow majority. (1)

They ran along the narrow path between the two buildings. (2)

The narrow valley was less than a kilometer wide. (3)

nation [a country, together with its social and political systems]  

The American nation is more than two hundred years old.

native [someone who was born in a place, not one who moved there]

He is a native of Texas.

natural [(1) of or about nature; (2) normal; (3) common to its kind]  

I am interested in biology and other natural sciences. (1)

It is natural for a cat to sleep most of the time. (2)

Babies naturally cry a lot. (3) (ly adverb)

nature [(1) all the plants, animals and other things on earth not created by humans; (2) events or processes not caused by humans]  

She enjoys the beauty of nature. (1)

Modern technology cannot protect us from storms, wildfires and other acts of nature. (2)

navy [the part of a country's military force trained to fight at sea]  

He led an exciting life in the navy.

near [(1) not far; (2) close to]  

Rain is near; I can smell it. (1)

She lives near the sea. (2)

necessary [(1) needed to get a result or effect; (2) required]  

The farmer said rain is necessary to save his crops. (1)

A passport is necessary before you go. (2)

need [(1) to require; (2) to want; (3) to be necessary to have or to do]

I need some sleep. (1)

Do you need a drink? (2)

He needed someone to help him learn English. (3)

negotiate [to talk about a problem or situation to find a common solution]

They are trying to negotiate a peace agreement.

neither [not one or the other of two]  

Neither boy had any money.

neutral [not supporting one side or the other in a dispute]  

The election officials were not neutral.

never [(1) at no time; (2) not ever]  

I had never seen him before. (1)

He said he would never lie to me. (2)

new [(1) not existing before; (2) not known before; (3) recently made, built, bought or grown; (4) another; (5) different]  

They have a new baby. (1)

Did you see the new information about the Governor? (2)

John bought a new car today. (3)

California needs some new electric power centers. (4)

She has some exciting new ideas. (5)

news [information about any recent events, especially as reported by the media]  

The local news on television last night was full of violence.

next [(1) coming immediately after; (2) nearest]  

The next job is to clean house. (1)

Turn left at the next street. (2)

nice [(1) pleasing; (2) good; (3) kind]  

I hope you have a nice time with your friend. (1)

Their children seem nice. (2)

He said some very nice things about you. (3)

night [the time between when the sun goes down and when it rises, when there is little or no light]  

Did you hear that storm last night?

no [(1) used to reject or to refuse; (2) not any; (3) not at all]  

No, I will not do it. (1)

After the windstorm, no fruit was left on the tree. (2)

As soon as the show started we could see that our friend was no actor. (3)

Word Book

N - 1 | N - 2

Word Book N - 1

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