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Word Book R - 1

radar [a device that uses radio signals to learn the position or speed of objects that may be too far away to be seen]  

Radar can show if a storm is moving toward us.

radiation [(1) waves of energy from something that produces heat or light; (2) energy from a nuclear substance, which can be dangerous]  

Radiation from the sun can burn our skin. (1)

Radiation from a nuclear explosion can kill. (2)

radio [the system of sending and receiving signals or sounds through the air without wires]  

Do you listen to VOA Special English on the radio?

raid [(1) to make a sudden attack; (2) a sudden attack]  

Police raided a number of houses where illegal drugs were sold. (1)

Thirty-eight people were arrested in the drug raid. (2)

railroad [(1) a road for trains; (2) a company that operates such a road and its stations and equipment]  

The government has made a walking trail where the railroad was. (1)

Railroads in the United States mostly carry products instead of passengers. (2)

rain [water falling from the sky]  

Rain has fallen for three days.

raise [(1) to lift up; (2) to move to a higher position; (3) to cause to grow; (4) to increase]  

Rising floodwaters raised the house and carried it away. (1)

The bridge raises so ships can pass under it. (2)

The farmer raises mostly corn and soybeans. (3)

Congress raised taxes. (4)

rare [(1) not common; (2) not usual; (3) not often]  

He has rare musical ability for a boy so young. (1)

A warm day is rare this time of year. (2)

It is rare for me to get so many telephone calls. (3)

rate [(1) speed; (2) a measure of how quickly or how often something happens; (3) the price of any thing or service that is bought or sold]  

The old man reads at a slow rate. (1)

What is the patient's heart rate (2)

The interest rate on home loans has increased. (3)

reach [(1) to put a hand toward; (2) to arrive at; (3)to come to]  

She reached out to take my hand. (1)

He reached home about six o'clock. (2)

We will reach a decision soon. (3)

react [to act as a result of or in answer to]  

How did she react to the news?

read [to look at and understand the meaning of written words or numbers]

She reads four newspapers every morning.

ready [(1) prepared; (2) completed; (3) organized; (4) willing]  

They are ready to start the game. (1)

Your food order is ready. (2)

The new Congress is ready to begin its work. (3)

Who is ready to eat an insect? (4)

real [(1) true; (2) truly existing; (3) not false]  

The real reason he came here was to see you. (1)

He never believed in ghosts until he saw a real one. (2)

That is a real diamond, not a copy. (3)

realistic [in agreement with the way things are]  

He put a realistic price on his house and sold it very quickly.

reason [(1) the cause for a belief or act; (2) purpose; (3) something that explains]  

She did not believe his reason for leaving. (1)

The reason he studies English is to get a better job. (2)

Warmer water in the eastern Pacific Ocean is the reason for unusual weather in the Americas. (3)

reasonable [(1) ready to listen to reasons or ideas; (2) not extreme; (3) ready or willing to compromise]  

The head of our office is a reasonable woman. (1)

They told him to come home at a reasonable hour. (2)

They reached agreement because they were reasonable. (3)

rebel [(1) to act against a government or power, often with force; (2) to refuse to obey; (3) one who opposes or fights against the government of his or her country]  

The people rebelled against the government. (1)

My body rebels when I exercise too much. (2)

Rebels fought to overthrow the government. (3)

receive [to get or accept something given, offered or sent]  

I received your letter today.

Word Book

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Word Book R - 1

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