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Word Book S - 1

sacrifice [to do without something or to suffer a loss for a belief, idea, goal or another person]  

She sacrificed her house to pay for medical school for her son.

sad [not happy]  

He was sad because she left.

safe [away from harm or danger]  

This is a safe place for you to stay.

sail [to travel by boat or ship]  

We will sail to Hawaii on Thursday.

sailor [a person involved in sailing a boat or ship]  

He is a sailor on one of the big oil ships.

salt [a white substance found in seawater and in the ground, used to affect the taste of food]  

The doctor says eating too much salt can raise my blood pressure.

same [(1) not different; (2) not changed; (3) like another or others]  

He eats at the same time every day. (1)

She looks the same as she did ten years ago. (2)

His car is the same as mine. (3)

sand [extremely small pieces of crushed rock found in large amounts in deserts and on coasts]  

The hot sand of the desert burned her feet.

satellite [(1) a small object in space that moves around a larger object; (2) an object placed in orbit around the earth]  

The Earth and other planets are satellites of the sun. (1)

A new communications satellite was put in orbit today. (2)

satisfy [to give or provide what is desired, needed or demanded]  

Does this food satisfy your hunger?

save [(1) to make safe; (2) to remove from harm; (3) to keep for future use]

He saved the building by disarming the bomb. (1)

The fireman saved her when he pulled her from the burning house. (2)

She saved a little money every week. (3)

say [(1) to speak; (2) to express in words]  

What will you say to her? (1)

I will say to her what is in my heart. (2)

school [(1) a place for education; (2) a place where people go to learn]

Is your son going to public or private school? (1)

Her school is testing students to measure how much they have learned. (2)

science [the study of nature and the actions of natural things, and the knowledge gained about them]  

Science has made great changes in our lives in just a few years.

sea [a large area of salt water, usually part of an ocean]  

The rough sea seems angry.

search [to look for carefully]  

We searched everywhere for her missing book.

season [(1) one of the four periods of the year that is based on the earth's position toward the sun (spring, summer, autumn, winter); (2) a period of time based on different weather conditions; (3) a period during the year when something usually happens]  

He says autumn is his favorite season. (1)

She likes to visit there during the dry season. (2)

He cannot wait for baseball season to start. (3)

seat [(1) a thing to sit on; (2) a place to sit or the right to sit there]  

The boy gave the woman his seat on the bus. (1)

He has held his seat in parliament for 40 years. (2)

second [the one that comes after the first]  

This is the second time I have been here.

Word Book

S - 1 | S - 2 | S - 3 | S - 4 | S - 5 | S - 6 | S - 7 | S - 8 | S - 9

Word Book S - 1

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