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Word Book S - 2

security [(1) freedom from danger or harm; (2) protection; (3) measures necessary to protect a person or place]  

Security was increased in the city. (1)

The store provided its own security. (2)

Strong national security kept the country safe. (3)

see [(1) to know or sense through the eyes; (2) to understand or know]

Did you see her smile? (1)

I see what you mean. (2)

seed [the part of a plant from which new plants grow]  

If you plant the seeds now, you can eat vegetables in two months.

seek(ing) [(1) to search for; (2) to try to get; (3) to plan to do]  

They are seeking a cure for cancer. (1)

She is seeking election to public office. (2)

Electric power companies are seeking to reduce their use of coal. (3)

seem [to appear to be]  

She seems to be in good health.

seize [(1) to take quickly by force; (2) to take control of quickly; (3) to arrest]  

Marines seized the island in three days. (1)

The generals seized power after the president fled. (2)

The policeman seized the suspect. (3)

self [all that which makes one person different from others]  

He seems to think only of himself.

sell [to give something in exchange for money]  

He will sell his car to me for 2,000 dollars.

Senate [the smaller of the two groups in the governments of some countries, such as in the United States Congress]  

The Senate has 100 members, two from each state.

send [(1) to cause to go; (2) to permit to go; (3) to cause to be carried, taken or directed to or away from a place]  

She sent the boy away. (1)

To which university did he send his daughter? (2)

The government will send supplies immediately to the earthquake area. (3)

sense [(1) to come to know about by feeling, believing or understanding; (2) any of the abilities to see, hear, taste, smell or feel]  

He sensed that the dog would not attack him. (1)

The medicine affected his sense of taste. (2)

sentence [(1) to declare the punishment for a crime; (2) the punishment for a crime]  

The judge sentenced him to three years in prison. (1)

She received a sentence of 18 months of community service. (2)

separate [(1) to set or keep people, things or ideas away from or independent from others; (2) not together or connected]  

He separated the two boys and told them to stop fighting. (1)

They work in separate offices. (2)

series [a number of similar things or events that follow one after another in time, position or order]  

The doctor said the series of tests would show the cause of the pain.

serious [(1) important; (2) needing careful consideration; (3) dangerous]

The two sides have begun serious negotiations. (1)

We have a serious problem to solve. (2)

The accident victim is reported to be in serious condition.(3)

serve [(1) to work as an official; (2) to be employed by the government; (3) to assist or help]  

He served as Secretary of State. (1)

She has served as a government employee for 30 years. (2)

She served us tea and made us feel welcome. (3)

service [(1) an organization or system that provides something for the public; (2) a job that an organization or business can do for money; (3) military organizations such as an army, navy or air force; (4) a religious ceremony]

Schools and roads are services paid for by taxes. (1)

His business provides childcare services for working parents. (2)

Two of her sons are in the military services. (3)

Our church provides three services every Sunday morning. (4)

set [(1) to put in place or position; (2) to establish a time, price or limit]

She set food in front of us. (1)

Have you set a time for our meeting? (2)

settle [(1) to end (a dispute); (2) to agree about (a problem); (3) to make a home in a new place]  

The long dispute was finally settled. (1)

We settled our legal problem without going to court. (2)

Her family settled in Dallas many years ago. (3)

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Word Book S - 2

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