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Word Book S - 3

severe [(1) not gentle; (2) causing much pain, sadness or damage]  

The prisoners received severe treatment from their guards. (1)

The powerful storm caused severe damage to homes. (2)

sex [(1) either the male or female group into which all people and animals are divided because of their actions in producing young; (2) the physical activity by which humans and animals can produce young]  

What is the sex of your children? (1)

The doctor warned them about the dangers of unprotected sex. (2)

shake [to move or cause to move in short, quick movements]  

Do not shake your finger at me.

shape [(1) to give form to; (2) the form of something, especially how it looks]  

He shaped his own version of the truth from the facts that were known. (1)

She made him a birthday cake in the shape of a fish. (2)

share [(1) to give part of something to another or others; (2) a part belonging to, given to or owned by a single person or a group; (3) any one of the equal parts of ownership of a business or company]  

They shared the food that remained. (1)

Each of the brothers had an equal share of the business. (2)

The president owned 100,000 shares of the company's stock. (3)

sharp [(1) having a thin edge or small point that can cut or hurt; (2) causing hurt or pain]  

The sharp knife cut through the vegetable and into his finger. (1)

Her sharp, angry voice cut him like a knife. (2)

she [the girl or woman who is being spoken about]  

She is a kind woman.

sheep [a farm animal used for its meat and hair]  

They used the wool from their sheep to make all of their clothes.

shell [(1) to fire artillery; (2) a metal container that is fired from a large gun and explodes when it reaches its target; (3) a hard outside cover]  

The big guns shelled the town for an hour. (1)

The soldiers fired more than 200 artillery shells. (2)

The turtle's shell protects it from its enemies. (3)

shelter [(1) to protect or give protection to; (2) something that gives protection; (3) a place of safety]  

She sheltered her son from the evil she saw in the world. (1)

Survival in nature requires food, water and shelter. (2)

They found shelter under a tree until the rain ended. (3)

shine [(1) to aim a light; (2) to give bright light; (3) to be bright; (4) to clean to make bright]  

He shined the light on them. (1)

The sun shined brightly in the clear sky. (2)

The faces of the children shined with happiness. (3)

She shined the silver lamp until she could see her face in it. (4)

ship [(1) to transport; (2) a large boat]  

He ships his products by truck. (1)

The ship seemed to stop at every island in the Caribbean Sea. (2)

shock [(1) to cause to feel sudden surprise or fear; (2) something that greatly affects the mind or emotions; (3) a powerful shake, as from an earthquake]  

She was shocked to find a man hiding in her house. (1)

Her father's sudden death was a great shock to her. (2)

Many minor shocks followed the earthquake. (3)

shoe [a covering for the foot]  

I cannot find one of my shoes.

shoot [(1) to cause a gun or other weapon to send out an object designed to kill; (2)to use a gun]  

The policewoman will shoot you if you move. (1)

He shoots only at targets. (2)

short [(1) lasting only for a small period of time; (2) not long; (3) opposite tall]  

He made a short speech. (1)

The missing dog has short legs and a long body. (2)

She is short, but her husband is tall. (3)

should [(1) used with another verb (action word) to show responsibility, (2) probability , (3) or that something is believed to be a good idea]  

We should study. (1)

The talks should begin soon. (2)

Criminals should be punished. (3)

shout [to speak very loudly]  

The protestors shouted at the President.

show [(1) to make something be seen; (2) to make known; (3) a play or story presented in a theater, or broadcast on radio or television, for enjoyment or education; (4) something organized to be seen by the public]  

She showed an anger I did not know she possessed. (1)

He showed that he could do it. (2)

Did you hear the Morning Show today on VOA radio? (3)

The music students played at a free show after school. (4)

Word Book

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Word Book S - 3

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