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Word Book S - 4

sick [(1) suffering physically or mentally with a disease or other problem; (2) not in good health]  

She is sick with a fever. (1)

He always seems to be sick. (2)

sickness [the condition of being in bad health]  

Doctors do not yet know what is causing her sickness.

side [(1) the outer surfaces of an object that are not the top or bottom; (2) parts away from the middle; (3) either the right or left half of the body]  

The side of my car was damaged in the accident. (1)

On which side of the football field does our school sit? (2)

He usually sleeps on the left side of his body. (3)

sign [(1) to write one's name; (2) a mark or shape used to mean something; (3) evidence that something exists or will happen; (4) a flat piece of material with writing that gives information]  

The writer signed a copy of his book for me. (1)

A white mark on trees is a sign of the mountain trail. (2)

Scientists have found no sign yet of life anywhere else in the Universe. (3)

That sign tells us how many miles we must drive to get to Chicago. (4)

one mile = 1.6 kilometers

signal [(1) to send a message by signs; (2) an action or movement that sends a message]  

That traffic light signals when we must stop or go. (1)

Paul Revere will make a signal with his light to warn if the British are coming by land or sea. (2)

silence [(1) to make quiet; (2) to stop from speaking or making noise; (3) a lack of noise or sound]  

Silence the television by pushing the mute button on your hand control. (1)

The team leader silenced his men with a hand sign. (2)

She heard only silence. (3)

silver [a valued white metal]  

That little box is made of silver.

similar [like something else but not exactly the same] 

The President said his proposal was similar to a proposal by Congress.

simple [(1) easy to understand or do; (2) not difficult or complex]  

Special English is a simple form of spoken English. (1)

This book tells us in a simple way how to use a computer to do complex work. (2)

since [from a time in the past until now]  

I have known her since we went to school together.

sing [to make music sounds with the voice]  

He sings in the shower.

single [one only]  

He gave her a single flower, a red rose, to show his love.

sink [to go down into water or other liquid]  

He sank deeper into the mud with each step.

sister [a female with the same father or mother as another person]

I have only one sister.

sit [(1) to rest on the lower part of the body without the support of the legs; (2) to become seated]  

Please sit down and rest. (1)

She sat down. (2)

situation [the way things are during a period of time]  

The situation in the Middle East is very dangerous.

size [(1) the space occupied by something; (2) how long, wide or high something is]  

Can you imagine the size of the Universe? (1)

Geometry can help you measure the size of that big tree. (2)

skeleton [all the bones of a human or other animal together in their normal positions]  

Scientists sometimes find the skeletons of people who lived thousands of years ago.

skill [the ability gained from training or experience]  

He has great baseball skills.

Word Book

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Word Book S - 4

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