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Word Book S - 5

sky [the space above the earth]  

The sky was filled with beautiful white clouds.

slave [a person owned or controlled by another]  

All slaves in the United States were freed by an amendment to the Constitution in 1865.

sleep [to rest the body and mind with the eyes closed]  

Do you sleep eight hours or more each night?

slide [to move smoothly over a surface]  

A big area of snow slid down the mountain.

slow [(1) to reduce the speed of; (2) not fast in moving, talking or other activities]  

Slow your speed to 45 miles per hour. (1)

one mile = 1.6 kilometers

Is Special English slow enough for you? (2)

small [(1) little in size or amount; (2) few in number; (3) not important; (4) opposite large]  

The small boy was hungry. (1)

The small force landed by parachute. (2)

It was a small problem and easy to solve. (3)

His small house was next to a big building. (4)

smash [(1) to break or be broken into small pieces by force; (2) to hit or move with force]  

He smashed the window with a rock. (1)

The speeding car smashed into the wall. (2)

smell [(1) to sense through the nose; (2) something sensed by the nose]

She smelled something burning. (1)

I love the smell of food cooking. (2)

smoke [(1) to use cigarettes or other tobacco products by burning them and breathing in the smoke; (2) that which can be seen rising into the air like a cloud from something burning]  

He smoked cigarettes until he died. (1)

The smoke from the burning forest rose high into the sky. (2)

smooth [(1) having a level surface; (2) opposite rough]  

The smooth floor was perfect for dancing. (1)

The floor was rough until the workman made it smooth. (2)

snow [soft, white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky, usually in winter or when the air temperature is very cold]  

The snow fell for two days.

so [(1) in such a way that; (2) also; (3) too; (4) very; (5) as a result; (6) in order that; (7) for the purpose of]  

He held the flag so all could see it. (1)

She was tired and so was I. (2)

She left early, and so did we. (3)

I am so sick. (4)

They were sick, so they could not come. (5)

We plant seeds so plants will grow. (6)

Come early so we can discuss the plans. (7)

social [of or about people or a group]  

The president offered a new solution for some social problems.

soft [(1)not hard; (2) easily shaped; (3) pleasing to touch; (4) not loud]

She likes a soft bed but her husband likes a hard bed. (1)

Her daughter likes to shape things from soft clay. (2)

I like to hold her soft hands. (3)

The room was filled with soft music. (4)

soil [earth in which plants grow] 

She put the seeds in the soil and the plants began to grow.

soldier [a person in the army]  

A soldier is trained to be ready for any situation.

solid [(1) having a hard shape with no empty spaces inside; (2) strong; (3) not in the form of a liquid or gas]  

The tools were solid metal and very heavy. (1)

The house is solid, so it will survive the storm. (2)

Ice is the solid form of water. (3)

solve [(1) to find an answer; (2) to settle]  

The boy solved the mathematics problem. (1)

The committee hopes its proposals will solve the current economic problem. (2)

some [(1) of an amount or number or part not stated; (2) not all]  

Would you like some coffee? (1)

Would you like some of my coffee? (2)

Word Book

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Word Book S - 5

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