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Word Book S - 6

soon [(1) not long after the present time; (2) quickly]  

She will soon be 18 years old. (1)

Tell him to get here as soon as possible. (2)

sort [(1) any group of people or things that are the same or are similar in some way; (2) a kind of something]  

They are the same sort of people as I. (1)

He is the sort of person you want as a friend. (2)

sound [(1) fast-moving waves of energy that affect the ear and result in hearing; (2) that which is heard]  

Sound travels through the air at a speed of 1,088 feet per second. (1)

one feet = 30.48 centimeters

She says the sound of the ocean helps her sleep. (2)

south [the direction to the right of a person facing the rising sun]  

He lives 15 miles south of Washington.

* one mile = 1.6 kilometers

space [(1) the area outside the earth's atmosphere where the sun, moon, planets and stars are; (2) the area between or inside things]  

Humans began making flights into space in the early 1960's. (1)

Their new house has more space than their old one. (2)

speak [(1) to talk; (2) to say words with the mouth; (3) to express one's thoughts to others and exchange ideas; (4) to give a speech to a group] 

She would not speak to him. (1)

He spoke to everyone. (2)

He spoke about his proposal to everyone he met. (3)

The Senator speaks to a group tomorrow about trade relations with East Asia. (4)

special [(1) of a different or unusual kind; (2) not for general use; (3) better or more important than others of the same kind]  

Special English is a special kind of English that is easy to understand. (1)

This is a special machine that can be used only by a trained worker. (2)

She received a special award for a lifetime of service to others. (3)

speech [a talk given to a group of people]  

The President will make a television speech tonight about civil rights.

speed [(1) to make something go or move faster; (2) the rate at which something moves or travels; (3) the rate at which something happens or is done]  

The chairman is speeding up debate on the bill. (1)

Do you know the speed of light? (2)

Special English news is read at a speed of 90 words per minute. (3)

spend [(1) to give as payment;  (2) to use]  

He spent 45 dollars for food. (1)

He spends much time studying. (2)

spill [to cause or permit liquid to flow out, usually by accident]  

The big ship spilled hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil into the ocean.

* one barrel()= 42 gallons (159 liters)

spirit [(1) the part of a human that is not physical and is connected to thoughts and emotions; (2) the part of a person that is believed to remain alive after death]  

His spirit continued to fight the disease even after his body surrendered. (1)

Many believe a person's spirit does not die but returns to the world in a new body. (2)

split [(1) to separate into two or more parts; (2) to divide or break into parts]  

When you split wood for a fire, you are warmed two times: once by the work and later by the fire. (1)

Cells split into two parts; the new part becomes a new cell that is exactly like the old one. (2)

sport [any game or activity of competition involving physical effort or skill] 

His daughter plays four sports.

spread [(1) to become longer or wider; (2) to make or become widely known]  

The old tree has spread its roots and branches over a wide area. (1)

Please spread the news that we are having a party next Saturday. (2)

spring [the time of the year between winter and summer]  

I hope spring starts early this year.

spy [(1) to steal or get information secretly; (2) one who watches others secretly; (3) a person employed by a government to get secret information about another country]  

She spied to get information for another company. (1)

A spy for the man's wife watched him for several weeks. (2)

Three people employed at the C.I.A. were accused of being spies for a foreign country. (3)

square [a flat shape having four equal sides]  

Measure this square and tell me how much material is needed to cover it.

stab [to cut or push into or through with a pointed weapon]  

The person stabbed her then ran away.

Word Book

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Word Book S - 6

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