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Word Book S - 7

star [(1) a mass of gas that usually appears as a small light in the sky at night, but is not a planet; (2) a famous person, usually an actor or singer]

Those stars form the shape of Orion the Hunter. (1)

Some Hollywood stars were at the White House last night. (2)

start [(1) to begin; (2) to make something begin]  

He will start the new job tomorrow. (1)

Will you start the car and turn on the heater? (2)

starve [to suffer or die from a lack of food]  

Thousands may have starved to death because of crop failures in Sudan.

state [(1) to say; (2) to declare; (3) a political part of a nation]  

The Ambassador stated his concern about the problem. (1)

A White House spokesman stated that no changes had been made in policies affecting trade with Asia. (2)

He plans to travel through several western states. (3)

station [(1) a place of special work or purpose; (2) a place where passengers get on or off trains or buses; (3) a place for radio or television broadcasts]  

Rebels attacked a police station outside the city. (1)

He plans to meet her when she arrives at the bus station. (2)

She works at the television station. (3)

statue [a form of a human, animal or other creature usually made of stone, wood or metal]  

The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor was a gift from France.

stay [(1) to continue to be where one is; (2) to remain; (3) to not leave; (4) to live for a time]  

I will stay here until you return. (1)

He stayed at home yesterday. (2)

She said I should stay until she calls. (3)

They stayed in New York for two years. (4)

steal [to take without permission or paying]  

Be careful. She will steal your heart.

steam [the gas that comes from hot water]  

The kitchen is full of steam when his mother cooks.

steel [iron made harder and stronger by mixing it with other substances]

Much of the steel used now in the United States is imported.

step [(1) to move by lifting one foot and placing it in a new position; (2) the act of stepping; (3)one of a series of actions designed to reach a goal]  

He stepped through the door. (1)

We moved slowly up the mountain, one step at a time. (2)

The final step is to put the new boat in the water. (3)

stick [(1) to attach something to another thing using a substance that will hold them together; (2) to become fixed in one position so that movement is difficult; (3) a thin piece of wood] 

We will put glue on the wallpaper, then stick the paper to the wall. (1)

Something is making the door stick. (2)

We need some small sticks to start a campfire. (3)

still [(1) not moving; (2) until the present or a stated time; (3) even so; (4) although]  

The man was standing still. (1)

Was he still there? (2)

She slept for nine hours, but she was still tired. (3)

The job was difficult, but she still wanted to do it. (4)

stone [a small piece of rock]  

The boys threw stones at the soldiers.

stop [(1) to prevent any more movement or action; (2) to come or bring to an end]  

She stopped the car. (1)

Stop that noise. (2)

store [(1) to keep or put away for future use; (2) a place where people buy things]  

She stores food for emergencies. (1)

His father owns an automobile parts store. (2)

storm [violent weather, including strong winds and rain or snow]  

The storm caused severe damage across southern Florida.

story [the telling or writing of an event, either real or imagined]  

No one believed the story of her life, so she changed it.

stove [a heating device used for cooking]  

The stove is broken so I cannot cook dinner.

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Word Book S - 7

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