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Word Book S - 8

street [a road in a city, town or village]  

Which street are you looking for?

stretch [(1) to extend for a distance; (2) to pull on to make longer or wider]

They stretched the rope across the river. (1)

His shoulders stretched the coat. (2)

strike [(1) to hit with force; (2) to stop work as a way to seek better conditions, more pay or to make other demands]  

He struck the baseball with the bat. (1)

The workers are on strike for more money. (2)

strong [(1) having much power; (2) not easily broken, damaged or destroyed]  

The strong wind blew down some trees. (1)

Even some of the strong trees were damaged. (2)

structure [(1) the way something is built, made or organized; (2) a system that is formed or organized in a special way; (3) a building]  

This picture shows the structure of a plant cell. (1)

He will propose some changes in the structure of the organization. (2)

The new structure will have offices on 14 floors. (3)

struggle [(1) to try with much effort; (2) to fight with; (3) a great effort; (4) a fight]  

He struggled to keep his company open. (1)

The two boys struggled for no reason. (2)

It is a great struggle just to get up in the morning. (3)

Who were the boys in that struggle outside the school? (4)

study [(1) to make an effort to gain knowledge by using the mind; (2) to examine carefully]  

He studied for many years to become a doctor. (1)

She studied the problem carefully before making her proposal. (2)

stupid [(1) not able to learn much; (2) not intelligent]  

You are not stupid, you have a learning problem. (1)

There are no stupid people, only stupid mistakes. (2)

subject [the person or thing being discussed, studied or written about]

Everyone knows the subject of this meeting, so let us get started.

submarine [an underwater ship]  

The submarine is in trouble at the bottom of the ocean.

substance [the material of which something is made (a solid, liquid or gas)]  

The new substance is a liquid that quickly changes to a solid when mixed with another chemical.

substitute [(1) to put or use in place of another; (2) a person or thing put or used in place of another]  

You can substitute this medicine for the one you have been using. (1)

Jim is a substitute for Tom in today's game. (2)

subversion [an attempt to weaken or destroy a political system or government, usually secretly]  

The three men are accused of subversion.

succeed [(1) to reach a goal or thing desired; (2) to produce a planned result]  

He succeeded in marrying her. (1)

The team succeeded in winning every game that year. (2)

such [(1) of this or that kind; (2) of the same kind as; (3) similar to]  

She was surprised that they were interested in visiting such places. (1)

Such people are never happy with their situation. (2)

He had coins, keys, gum and such in his pockets. (3)

sudden [(1) not expected; (2) without warning; (3) done or carried out quickly or without preparation]  

All of us got wet during that sudden rainstorm. (1)

Police made a sudden arrest in the case. (2)

He made a sudden decision to retire immediately. (3)

suffer [(1) to feel pain in the body or mind; (2) to receive or experience hurt or sadness]  

She suffered much before her death from cancer. (1)

He suffered from depression when he did not use his medicine. (2)

sugar [a sweet substance made from liquids taken from plants]  

I would like sugar in my tea, please.

Word Book

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Word Book S - 8

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