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Word Book S - 9

suggest [to offer or propose something to think about or consider]

She suggested doing the job a different way.

summer [the warmest time of the year, between spring and autumn]

Most public schools are closed during the summer.

sun [the huge star in the sky that provides heat and light to earth]  

Without the sun, life would not exist on Earth.

supervise [to direct and observe the work of others]  

She supervises a health services office.

supply [(1) to give; (2) to provide; (3) the amount of something that can be given or sold to others]  

The organization supplies food and clothing to poor people. (1)

The store supplies workers with low cost uniforms and other work clothing. (2)

The store has large supplies of uniforms in all sizes. (3)

support [(1) to carry the weight of; (2) to hold up or in position; (3) to agree with others and help them reach a goal; (4) to approve] 

The walls support the weight of the house. (1)

My helper supports the part while I connect it. (2)

Her job is to support the other workers by agreeing with their decisions. (3)

He supports them by approving their efforts to complete the work. (4)

suppose [(1) to believe, think or imagine; (2) to expect]  

I suppose you are right. (1)

It is supposed to rain tonight. (2)

suppress [(1) to put down or to keep down by force; (2) to prevent information from being known publicly]  

The government suppressed any attempt to end its control. (1)

The government suppressed all reports of demonstrations. (2)

sure [(1) very probable; (2) with good reason to believe; (3) true without question]  

He believed he had a sure method of escape. (1)

Everything she wrote was based on sure facts. (2)

The government had sure proof that he did the crime. (3)

surface [the outer side or top of something]  

The rocket landed on the surface of the moon.

surplus [(1) an amount that is more than is needed; (2) extra]  

The United States had a big budget surplus. (1)

That country has a trade surplus. It exports more than it imports. (2)

surprise [(1) to cause a feeling of wonder because something is not expected; (2) something not expected; (3) the feeling caused by something not expected]  

Her friends surprised her with a party. (1)

The party was a big surprise. (2)

Her real surprise made everyone else as happy as she. (3)

surrender [(1) to give control of oneself or one's property to another or others; (2) to stop fighting and admit defeat]  

The robbers surrendered to police. (1)

Germany surrendered to the allied powers to end the war in Europe. (2)

surround [(1) to form a circle around; (2) to be in positions all around someone or something]  

The house was surrounded by big trees. (1)

Soldiers surrounded the enemy headquarters. (2)

survive [to remain alive during or after a dangerous situation]  

No one survived when the plane crashed into the mountain.

suspect [(1) to imagine or believe that a person is guilty of something bad or illegal; (2) a person believed to be guilty]  

Police suspected her from the beginning. (1)

They questioned all the usual suspects. (2)

suspend [to cause to stop for a period of time]  

The committee meeting was suspended because not enough voting members were there.

swallow [to take into the stomach through the mouth]  

He swallowed the medicine.

swear in [to put an official into office by having him or her promise to carry out the duties of that office] 

The chief justice will swear in the president.

sweet [tasting pleasant, like sugar]  

This fruit is very sweet.

swim [to move through water by making motions with the arms and legs]

Can you swim across the river?

sympathy [a sharing of feelings or emotions with another person, usually feelings of sadness]  

You have our sympathy for your loss.

system [(1) a method of organizing or doing something by following rules or a plan; (2) a group of connected things or parts working together for a common purpose or goal]  

The office established a filing system so that we can find documents easily and quickly. (1)

Our system of justice sometimes makes mistakes and punishes an innocent person. (2)

Word Book

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Word Book S - 9

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