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Word Book

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Word Book T - 1

talk [(1) to express thoughts in spoken words; (2) a meeting for discussion]

He will talk to us. (1)

The professor will give the talk. (2)

tall [(1) higher than others; (2) opposite short]  

New York has many very tall buildings. (1)

Tom is tall but his wife is short. (2)

tank [(1) a large container for holding liquids; (2) a heavy military vehicle with guns] 

That oil tank is leaking. (1)

The tank moved into position and began shelling the town. (2)

target [any person or object aimed at or fired at]  

We fired at paper targets 300 meters from us.

taste [to sense through the mouth]  

The fruit tastes sweet.

tax [the money a person or business must pay to the government so the government can provide services]  

Federal taxes are due April 15th, unless you pay them earlier.

tea [a drink made from the plant of the same name]  

May I get you a cup of tea?

teach [(1) to show how to do something; (2) to provide knowledge; (3) to cause to understand]  

Will you teach me how to drive a car? (1)

She wants to teach high school students. (2)

He taught me to understand poems. (3)

team [a group organized for some purpose, often for sports]  

She plays on the softball and soccer teams.

tear [to pull apart, often by force]  

Did your dog tear the newspaper?

tears [the fluid that comes out of the eyes while crying]  

Her eyes flooded with tears.

technical [(1) involving machines, processes and materials in industry, transportation and communications; (2) of or about a very special kind of subject or thing]  

He has made many technical improvements in our factory. (1)

You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works. (2)

technology [the use of scientific knowledge and methods to produce goods and services]  

She works at a company that designs communications technology.

telephone [a device or system for sending sounds, especially the voice, over distances]  

Do you have a wireless telephone?

telescope [a device for making objects that are far away appear closer and larger]  

Space telescopes can see objects near the edge of our galaxy.

television [(1) a device that receives electronic signals and makes them into pictures and sounds; (2) the system of sending pictures and sounds by electronic signals over a distance so others can see and hear them on a receiver]  

He has a television in every room. (1)

Television has affected almost every part of our lives. (2)

tell [(1) to give information; (2) to make known by speaking; (3) to command]

He will tell everyone how to get to the party. (1)

She will tell us about her trip to China. (2)

Do what I tell you. (3)

temperature [the measurement of heat and cold]  

What is the temperature outside?

temporary [lasting only a short time]  

He has a temporary job.

Word Book

T - 1 | T - 2 | T - 3 | T - 4 | T - 5

Word Book T - 1

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