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Word Book

U - 1

Word Book U - 1

under [(1) below; (2) below the surface of; (3) less than; (4) as called for by a law, agreement or system]  

The river flows under the bridge. (1)


The submarine went under. (2)


The book was under 20 dollars. (3)


Such action is not permitted under the law. (4)


understand [(1) to know what is meant; (2) to have knowledge of]  

I understand what you mean. (1)


He understands chemistry. (2)


unite [to join together]  

The new president will try to unite all parties in support of his program.


universe [all of space, including planets and stars]  

Do you know why the universe is expanding?


university [a place of education that usually includes several colleges and research organizations]  

Her sons are students at different universities.


unless [(1) except if it happens; (2) on condition that]  

I will not go, unless the rain stops. (1)


I will come to your house unless it rains. (2)


until [(1) up to a time; (2) before]  

She said she would wait for me until three o'clock. (1)


We cannot start until everyone arrives. (2)


Word Book

U - 1

Word Book U - 1

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