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Word Book W - 1

wages [money received for work done]  

Jack receives his wages every Friday.

wait [(1) to delay acting; (2) to postpone]  

Wait for me. (1)

We will wait until next Tuesday to discuss the problem. (2)

walk [to move by putting one foot in front of the other]  

She walks two miles every day.

* one mile = 1.6 kilometers

wall [(1) the side of a room or building formed by wood, stone or other material; (2) a structure sometimes used to separate areas of land]  

He has many pictures on his wall. (1)

China built the Great Wall to protect against enemy invasions. (2)

want [(1) to desire; (2) to wish for; (3) to need]  

He wants to see her more often. (1)

She wants to win a lot of money in the lottery. (2)

They want to eat now. (3)

war [fighting between nations, or groups in a nation, using weapons]  

The world's last major war, World War II, ended in 1945.

warm [(1) almost hot; (2) having or feeling some heat]  

My coffee is warm instead of hot. (1)

She likes to sit outside in the warm sunlight. (2)

warn [(1) to tell of possible danger; (2) to advise or inform about something bad that may happen]  

A weather radio warns of dangerous storms. (1)

The President warned that the country may be entering an economic recession. (2)

wash [to make clean, usually with water]  

Tommy says that he will wash the car today.

waste [(1) to spend or use without need or care; (2) to make bad use of; (3) a spending of money, time or effort with no value gained or returned; (4) something thrown away as having no value; (5) the liquid and solid substances that result from body processes and are passed out of the body]  

Do not waste your money by buying video games. (1)

He wasted his life by using drugs and alcohol. (2)

Watching television is a waste of time. (3)

Chemical wastes pollute our water supplies. (4)

How do astronauts deal with the problem of wastes from their bodies? (5)

watch [(1) to look at; (2) to observe closely; (3) to look and wait for] 

Did you watch the football game on television? (1)

Watch every move he makes. (2)

I will watch for her train to arrive. (3)

water [the liquid that falls from the sky as rain or is found in lakes, rivers and oceans]  

May I have some water, please?

wave [(1) to move or cause to move one way and the other, as a flag in the wind; (2) to signal by moving the hand one way and the other; (3) a large mass of water that forms and moves on the surface of a lake or ocean]  

The flag is waving in the wind. (1)

She waved at me. (2)

The waves are especially large today. (3)

way [(1) a path on land or sea or in the air; (2) how something is done; (3) method]  

This trail is the way to our camp. (1)

She says I should drive the way that she does. (2)

Show me the way to hit the ball. (3)

we [two or more people, including the speaker or writer]  

He and I will go together, and we will return together.

weak [(1) having little power; (2) easily broken, damaged or destroyed; (3) opposite strong]  

He was weak from hunger. (1)

We are worried about crossing the weak bridge. (2)

You need a strong rope, not a weak one, to tie the boat to the tree. (3)

wealth [a large amount of possessions, money or other things of value] 

His wealth comes from his rich grandfather.

weapon [anything used to cause injury or to kill during an attack, fight or war]  

Police could not find the weapon used in the murder.

wear [to have on the body, as clothes]  

What will you wear to the party?

weather [the condition of the atmosphere resulting from sun, wind, rain, heat or cold]  

We will have more cold weather tomorrow.

Word Book

W - 1 | W - 2 | W - 3 | W - 4

Word Book W - 1

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